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About Lincoln Media

Welcome to Lincoln Media, your trusted partner in property photography, videography, and a range of other marketing and production services. Named after the beautiful town of Lincoln, Selwyn - where we reside, work, and draw our inspiration from - Lincoln Media embodies our love for this charming place and our dedication to showcasing its unique beauty through our work.

The name 'Lincoln' holds a special place in our hearts for more than just one reason. It is not only the town we call home but also the name of our beloved dog, Lincoln, who is our constant companion and source of joy. Every property we photograph, every video we shoot, is marked with the companionship and teamwork we share with Lincoln.

Our team, led by Kanison and his wife Lin, is dedicated to capturing the unique essence of each property. From high-quality property photography and videography to floor plans, virtual staging, 3D rendering, and 3D tours, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the market. Our commitment to continual improvement and innovation helps us stay ahead of the curve and deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Beyond property marketing, we also extend our expertise to commercial photography and videography. Whether you're a real estate agent looking to showcase a property or a business owner aiming to enhance your brand's visual identity, Lincoln Media is here to help.

We invite you to explore our portfolio and experience the unique blend of creativity, professionalism, and passion that defines Lincoln Media. Let's capture the extraordinary together.

About Lincoln Media
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Kanison-photographer, videographer

Kanison is not just another lens behind the camera; he's a seasoned online sales and marketing professional with a passion for photography and videography. Prior to his journey to New Zealand, he spent a decade leading online sales and marketing for an international drone company. His role took him on numerous business trips to the US, Europe, and Dubai, where he honed his photography skills by capturing stunning visuals for the company. He also played an instrumental role in several marketing campaigns, including new product launch videography in the US.

Photography has always been more than just a hobby for Kanison; it's a medium through which he connects with the world. This passion took a new turn when he and Lin were introduced to the beautiful town of Lincoln, Christchurch, during their property search. It was here that Kanison discovered his affinity for real estate photography and videography, marking the beginning of a journey where his passion and profession finally merged.

Now, Kanison and his faithful companion, Lincoln, work together to capture the unique essence of each property they encounter. With Lincoln at his side, Kanison captures the environment's stills and footage, post every assignment. Over the course of just three years, they have left their creative mark on more than 1300 properties.

Kanison's distinctive edge lies in his fusion of marketing acumen with artistic skills. His understanding of sales and marketing dynamics enables him to craft visual narratives that not only highlight the aesthetics of a property but also optimize its marketability. This synergistic approach sets Kanison, and by extension Lincoln Media, apart in the world of real estate photography and videography.

Lincoln Media Real Estate Photographer Videographer Christchurch
Christchurch and Selwyn Good Property Photographer Videographer

Lin-Photographer, Editor

Meet Lin, the creative powerhouse behind Lincoln Media's captivating imagery. With her background in international fashion companies, Lin brings a sophisticated aesthetic sensibility to our photography and editing work. Her exceptional eye for style and detail is a hallmark of our content, imbuing our photos and videos with a distinctive charm and character.

She possesses an innate knack for home decoration and an uncanny ability to identify the most photogenic angles, which greatly enhance the allure of our real estate photography. Lin’s strong sense of visual aesthetics combined with her meticulous attention to detail ensures that every image and video we produce is not only visually appealing, but also tells a compelling story.

When the world slowed down due to COVID-19, Lin viewed it as an opportunity to expand her skill set. She dedicated her time to learn 3D rendering, adding another layer of visual mastery to our suite of services. Her keen eye for design, coupled with her technical proficiency, enables her to create stunning, photorealistic 3D renders that provide our clients with a competitive edge in the market.

Lin's commitment to continual learning, passion for visual storytelling, and taste for refinement are reflected in every project she undertakes. Her unique blend of artistic vision and technical expertise is integral to Lincoln Media's mission of delivering high-quality, compelling content to our clients.

Lin Lincoln Media Photographer Christchurch


Let's introduce the heart and soul of our team, our Chief Barking Executive, Lincoln. At four years old, Lincoln is more than just our beloved Labradoodle; he's the spark that ignites our creativity every single day.

Since joining our team as a sprightly four-month-old pup, Lincoln has been a constant source of energy and joy. He's our diligent guardian, keeping watch over our gear in the car while we're out shooting photos and videos. His unwavering loyalty and enthusiastic spirit inject an added dose of warmth into our daily work life.

Once we wrap up our shoots, Lincoln indulges in his favourite pastime - taking leisurely walks in the local park. These jaunts aren't just a source of exercise and relaxation for him, but also an opportunity for us to capture footage of the surrounding environment. Lincoln's playful exploration often makes it into our property videos, providing a heartwarming snapshot of the local community.

Just as his namesake town has a unique charm, Lincoln, our CBO, brings an unmatchable zest to our team at Lincoln Media. His presence is a constant reminder of the simple joys life offers, encouraging us to infuse our work with the same sense of delight and wonder. As part of the Lincoln Media family, Lincoln adds a delightful personal touch, connecting us with our clients not just professionally, but also on a warm, personal level.

Lincoln CBO of Lincoln Media Christchurch
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